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Has it been a while since you had your company website redesigned or are you looking for an web design company to design your first site? Orlando SEO Pros works specifically with WordPress to design your business web site. You can pick from hundreds of beautiful prebuilt WordPress designs and let our web design experts add images, copy, and many other customization’s that will make your web site look as good as a website that cost ten times the amount but for a fraction of the cost.

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Are you struggling to get your local business into the local search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Does your business need more qualified traffic, phone calls, and leads? We offer local Orlando SEO services that include local citation creation in Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and many other business directories.

PPC – Paid Search Marketing –

We provide one time audits, campaign development, and full paid search management in Google AdWords and Bing PPC Ads. Our pay per click company will audit your paid search accounts to ensure you are getting the most from your investment while capturing the most qualified traffic possible.

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Pay Per Click Management Guide

At its most simple, Pay per Click or PPC as it is known and as the name suggests, is a way of advertising on the Internet where the advertiser pays for their ad when their ad is actually clicked on by an Internet user. As it hasn’t been around for that long, many people still don’t understand how Pay per Click works or if Pay per Click is something they could actually benefit from. If it’s managed properly, a Pay per Click campaign can be highly lucrative.

Pay per Click search engines are those search engines that offer the Pay per Click option. When an Internet user runs a search on an Internet search engine, say Google for example, which is one of the most popular Pay per Click search engines on the web, they will obviously put some key words or phrases relating to what it is they are searching for.

When the results page appears, they will also see some adverts appearing on their search page. If they then click on these Ads and are taken to the landing page of the advertiser, the advertiser will pay the amount they originally bid on the particular key words or phrases. Of course there’s no guarantee that by arriving at the landing page the Internet user will actually engage and sign up for or buy something, that will then depend on the appeal of the advertisers website. The fact that someone clicked on the ad is enough to generate a fee.

If a content website or blog chooses to display Ads on their website, advertisers will usually pay a fixed amount for the keywords as opposed to a bid. Again, they will only pay when an Ad is clicked on.

Pay per Click Campaigns

Basically when setting up a Pay per Click campaign you would have to choose your key words, decide how much you are willing to pay and which search engine or search engines you want to go with and then open an account with your chosen search engines. The greater the market coverage of the search engines the higher the price you are likely to pay.

Different search engines will have different ‘rules’ or guidelines concerning the Pay per Click ads you can place. Generally though, they will consist of a short title and description of what you are offering along with a link to your website. This title and description has to be relevant and is subject to review before your Ad will be accepted.

Obviously, the particular search engines you want to go with and the key words and phrases that you choose are of the utmost importance if you want to have those click throughs to your site.

When bidding on your chosen keywords you will pay more for popular keywords. It is you that decides what the maximum amount is that you are willing to pay for any particular keyword. Those who pay the most will appear higher on the search pages. The price of keywords can range from pennies to pounds or cents to dollars and will vary from country to country.

A properly managed Pay per Click campaign will increase click throughs (traffic to your site) and the number of conversions (those who actually become customers) which will give you a greater return on your investment.

by Shawn Hickman – Contact shawn@seopros.us today to learn more.


What Are Landing Page AB Test and How To Set One Up

Setting up a landing page is a very common strategy that internet marketers use. The landing page can be used to capture leads, drive traffic, generate subscriptions to a newsletter, etc. Before these landing pages are published live, marketers work a lot in tweaking them content-wise and design-wise to ensure that they get the most out of them. In other cases, a marketer would want to see some changes in an already existing landing page. However, the marketer is not sure if such changes will actually be beneficial or detrimental. This is where a landing page AB test comes into the picture. This test is used to identify which version of the landing page gets the best results based on a given criteria. A version A and version B of the landing page will be used for the test. Each version will receive the same amount of exposure and traffic. The test ends after the results have been measured and a conclusion had been made.

A landing page has several components. The most common of these components are the pitch, a subscription form, and a download button. Any of these components can be the subject of a landing page AB test. For example, let us say that you have a landing page that features a download button. You suspect that your landing page’s conversion rate is so low because you believe that the download button is not optimized enough. It could be that it’s located in the wrong position in the page. Or it’s designed using colors or fonts that don’t attract your visitor. However, you cannot be sure if these are indeed the reasons why your landing page is performing poorly. That is why you need to perform an AB test to find out if changes you make in the download button will improve the page’s conversion rate.

The same can be said about the other components of the landing page. In fact, you can split test several components of the page at the same time. However, this can become very complicated since you will be forced to work with a lot of data. That said, it’s recommended that you test the components one at a time. Never underestimate how much effect simple changes can make in a landing page. A simple change in the font used in a download button can mean a huge improvement in the conversion rate. A simple change in text color can also get the same positive results. The lesson here is these small changes can mean major improvements to your marketing program .

To set up a landing page AB test, you are going to decide first on which component of the landing page are you going to test. Is it the subscription form, the download button, the overall design, or the call to action button? Once you have decided on that, you need to create two or three versions of the page containing the changes you want to see in them. You then drive equal traffic and exposure to them and measure their performance. You can use Google’s Website Optimizer tool for free. All you need to do is create a Google account and go through the simple AB test setup, install some code on your site, and push traffic to the pages you want to test.

by Shawn Hickman – Contact shawn@seopros.us today to learn more.