Under the Influence – 84 Influencer Marketing Stats [Infographic] – Social Media Today

Influencer marketing is on the rise – and for good reason.

While social media platforms provide great capacity to help business reach more users with their messaging, it’s the ‘social’ element of the platform which points to more personal connection. And personal connection comes from individual users, people communicating with each other. Which is where the potential of influencers comes into effect.

Throw in the fact that influencers know what works, how to connect with their audience, the various platform tools and functions available, and you can see why influencers offer such great potential to brands.

Have you considered an influencer marketing program for your business?

These stats may help guide your process – the below infographic from SmallBizGenius outlines a range of influencer marketing stats and insights, which underline the potential of the influencer outreach process.

There’s clearly a lot to be gained. Worth considering in your planning. 

Infographic outlines a range of influencer marketing stats and insights