Twitter Provides New Marketing Tips via #BrandsTalkTwitter Initiative

This is interesting – Twitter’s UK arm has this week launched a new initiative which aims to provide insights into how some of the best performing brands on the platform approach their Twitter strategy.

The first brand under the microscope is betting and sports news provider Paddy Power, which likely won’t be familiar with those outside of the UK, but is well known in its home nation for its comedic approach to current events.

Twitter asked the Paddy’s Power team for their Twitter strategy insights, providing a brief overview of some key tips and notes. 

Among the key points:

  • The Paddy’s Power team says that knowing your tone of voice is the key strategic note. PP says that a lot of brands “try to be something they’re not” on Twitter, which can make it difficult to compose in the moment tweets, a key to their strategy. 
  • Paddy’s Power says that around 20-30% of its Twitter activity is planned, with the remainder being tactical. “We have planned activity around bigger campaigns like our recent Save our Shirt campaign, but a lot of our engagement comes from Tweets reacting to breaking news.”
  • Simple, sharp-witted tweets during big occasions are what drives the most engagement for the brand.

Of course, those notes won’t apply to all businesses on the platform, but they do provide some interesting strategic insight to consider, particularly around the capacity to respond to real-time events – which is not only key for Paddy’s Power as a brand, but also for Twitter itself. The platform is an essential hub of in-the-moment updates, and for those brands who are able to tap into those real-time discussions, that can provide a big reach and engagement boost, when done well.

That does also require additional man-power, in that you need people staying across the latest tweet updates in the moment, but in this brand’s case, that’s proven to be hugely beneficial. It won’t work for all, but some interesting notes to consider, either way.

Twitter UK says that its new #BrandsTalkTwitter initiative will be a regular series, with overviews and insights on more brands in future, which could provide additional strategic notes to help in your planning.

You can read the full interview with Paddy’s Power here.