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There are a select few marketers and brands who have really mastered their LinkedIn strategy, and looking at how these brands approach content on the professional social network may inspire some upgrades to your own LinkedIn strategy.

On May 28th, we held an #SMTLive Twitter chat on marketing your business on LinkedIn. In case you didn’t make it to the live chat, we put together a recap to share the highlights from that conversation here.

However, one question in particular seemed worthy of a little bit more discussion. 

The question: Which brands do you admire for their content, ad, or any other marketing on LinkedIn? 

Lucky for us, our #SMTLive group delivered on this one. A handful of great examples of LinkedIn brands were shared, so we decided to do a little more research and dig into the brands which inspire our community’s LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Hopefully you learn as much as we did from them.

Strategy One: Video for LinkedIn

While brands on Instagram and Facebook have started to use video content to their advantage, LinkedIn marketers seem a bit more reluctant.

Neil Patel’s page on LinkedIn feels not only innovative for incorporating video content, but more importantly, the content itself is engaging. Check out this branded ad for his South by Southwest speaking engagement, for example – the CTA in particular feels subtle enough to work here. 

Strategy Two: Employee Profiles

LinkedIn has a lot to do with the “talent” mentioned in the above tweet about Lemonade – “talent” being a company’s current or future employees.

Lemonade, a homeowners and renters insurance company, uses this aspect of LinkedIn to their marketing advantage on the platform. This post about one of their managers seems like a helpful example. 

Here, Lemonade uses a tactic reminiscent of ‘Humans of New York’ to market their brand, and the FOMO-enducing share text makes you want to read more about this guy (and, in turn, the company he works for). The quote that follows, from Ben himself, makes the reader feel included in the company culture, making the post as a whole rather authentic. The candid photo of Ben contributes positively to the mood as well.

Strategy Three: Utilizing LinkedIn’s Features 100%

Viacom is an entertainment company focusing on brands in both media and live experience spaces. As the user above notes, Viacom’s “Life” section of its LinkedIn company page is meticulously fleshed out. It paints an informative and clear picture of exactly who and what Viacom is, while keeping the tab aesthetically pleasing and concise. Check it out the full page here

Strategy Four: Making a Big Company Feel Personalized

Amazon’s LinkedIn posts combine a lot of the same innovations we saw from the previous companies on this list.

First off, they’re big fans of spotlighting their talent. Could this marketing tactic be LinkedIn’s answer to Instagram influencers?

For incomprehensibly massive companies like Amazon, getting to know some employees through these spotlight posts on LinkedIn offers a similar authenticity to that which Instagram influencers provide smaller brands.

Additionally, Amazon also uses video content, combined with those integral FOMO-inducing share texts for their posts. 

Strategy Five: Engaging with the Algorithm

As a company which focuses primarily on engagement generation, it makes sense that Marketo’s LinkedIn posts are particularly engaging.

Here are a few of those interesting (and very clickable) links and stats that Robin mentioned – note that they not only apply to the marketers in Marketo’s target audience, but they also center around professional development. 

With LinkedIn currently seeing record levels of engagement, and now catering to more than 630 million members, it’s worth considering how you can use the platform, and tap into those emerging conversations. Maximizing your company page is a key first step – you still need to remain active and engage with your audience, but building a standout presence is critical to upping your LinkedIn game.

Hopefully these tips and examples will help guide you on your way to greater LinkedIn success.

For more tips, LinkedIn recently launched its Pages Toolkit, which is full of tips and notes on how to boost your LinkedIn performance.