LinkedIn Shares 5-Step Checklist for Social Media Marketing Success

Looking to update your social media marketing approach in 2020?

This week, LinkedIn has published a simple, five-step checklist for social media marketing success, which is based on insights gleaned from its ‘Live with Marketers‘ podcast series.

On ‘Live with Marketers‘, LinkedIn conducts interviews with a range of social media marketing experts, on topics ranging from brand storytelling to effective measurement and metrics. if you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth adding to your podcast rotation – you can access all the episodes of the podcast here.

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Based on this, LinkedIn has narrowed down its key social media marketing lessons to this checklist:

LinkedIn social media marketing checklist

It seems like social media marketing success, which has been written about so many times, in so many books and blog posts and social posts, it seems like such lessons can’t be simplified into a simple, five-step list, right?

And of course, there’s a lot more depth to each step, there are specific elements which should be adhered to and factored in, there are processes under each of these headings which enable such. But as a basic outline, this is a solid list – from defining your brand purpose, to questioning how your messaging adds value (as opposed to simply promoting), to establishing the right KPIs for your specific business.

It’s a simple outline, but one which will likely serve you well as you seek to map out where you’re headed with your social media output.

Worth noting for your planning.