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When it comes to marketing, no business can afford to ignore email marketing. It is one of the valuable tools that can help to build relationships with customers and can help businesses gather insights that can help boost marketing ROI.

These are just enough reasons to convince you about the benefits of running email marketing campaigns. But plenty of internet marketers end up falling short and get no results in their campaigns.

As an marketer it’s your duty to stay keen to your target customers and your message to continue creating and executing engaging email marketing campaigns.

Chances are that you have been sending email to your customers and you get no response. In fact, your clients could be receiving your messages but not even opening them; they just delete them.

Maybe you are wondering where you are going wrong with your campaigns. Or are you just blasting your self-promotional message out there in the world?

Are you getting plenty of unsubscribes than subscribers from your mailing list?

If all the above applies to you, then you need to do something.

And that’s exactly the main aim of this article.

John Haves, an internet marketer at Essay Services Reviews Club has shared these tips with us so we thought we should share them with you to help you boost your email marketing success.

But first, here is a review of the commonly sent emails

  • Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are usually automated and are activated when a customer has purchased something. These could include welcome messages, received payments, and etc.

Transactional emails are important. Sending a transactional email when a customer has completed a transaction increases the chances of them coming back. The good thing about transactional emails is that they have higher open rates so you can use them for cross-selling.

  • Marketing/Promotional Emails

As the name suggests, marketing emails are just for marketing or informational purposes. These are emails you sent to people who have subscribed to your mailing list. They include follow-ups, sales promotions, press releases, and etc.

  • Operational Emails

Operational emails are messages you send to your audience concerning your business. They include changes to services, maintenance plans, and etc. If you can stay without sending an operational email and still operate without problems, you can skip it, but it’s also important to focus on building trust and keep your audience effectively engaged.

For instance, if your business will be under maintenance, you could send operational emails to your customers to show them how long it will take.

Most of the best paper writing services out there send emails to their clients notifying them when their site will be down, how long it will take, and what action they should take in case they are affected by the hitch.

That said, here are the practical tips for creating an engaging email marketing campaign.

  1. Build Your Mailing List

As a marketer, if you haven’t created a subscriber list, then you must be living on another planet. This is something you should do from the word go. And even if you have a huge list of subscribers, you should keep on adding it. You can place a signup form at different places within your website that receive much traffic. There are plenty of ways to build your email list you can take advantage of out there.

  1. Simplify the Process of Subscribing

Without subscribers, you cannot send promotional or operational emails. That’s it. Equally, if your sign up process is complicated, no one will subscribe to your marketing database.

Ensure to place a signup form at places where it can be seen easily and people can subscribe with ease. You can place the signup form on your Twitter Lead Generation Cars, Facebook Pages, and etc.

Ensure to include a few fields in your signup forms, just a name and the email address because some people do not like giving out much of their private information.

  1. Simplify the Unsubscribing Process

If they are not interested in your business, just let them go. Let them subscribe easily and unsubscribe easily if they wish. Why would I make it easy for my subscribers to leave my mailing list? You may ask.

Even if you make it hard for users to unsubscribe, they will flag your email as spam and that can hurt your reputation with email providers.

  1. Let Them Know What To Expect After Subscribing

So a user has subscribed to your mailing list, what next? Do you go mute?

Of course, no!

Once a user subscribes to your mailing list they want to engage with your brand.

First, send them a welcome email notifying them that you have received their information correctly.

Secondly, tell them what they should expect. Do you intend to send them weekly business updates? Tips? Or daily deals? Let them know that as well as how often they should expect to receive that from you.

  1. Use a Thought-Provoking Subject Line

You Are About to Die!

Let’s be honest, how would you feel when you receive a message with such a headline? You will definitely want to know what’s in the message so you will click to read it.

Equally, when sending email marketing emails, you need to ensure the subject like will provoke them to click. You need to make them feel the “oops what’s inside” moment immediately they receive your emails.

Ann Henderson, an email marketing expert who has worked with the dissertation writing help around the UK says that when it comes to email subject lines, one needs to be straightforward.

Most marketers and bloggers make a mistake of using the title of their content as the subject line. That makes your email look repetitive.

You can hook them with a shocking statistic or a fact and rest assured, they will want to find out more.

Some brands have taken the game a notch higher to use emojis in the subject line when sending out their emails. In fact, a study by Campaign Monitor has shown emails subject lines with emojis have a higher open rate of up to 45%.  Just ensure not to abuse emojis.

  1. Give them Something Valuable

If you want to create an engaging email marketing campaign, then don’t focus on promoting your brand. Don’t just show them what you are selling or what you are intending to introduce to the market.

Give something valuable to your subscribers. It could be an eBook or an informative post that has a step by step process of doing something. You can also offer them a video tutorial for free.

  1. The Shorter the Better

People are busy. No one will read an email that will require them to scroll several times. Marketing campaign emails are meant to make the user click through your site. For that reason, you should make your emails as short as possible. A few sentences are just fine.

You just need to give something that will make them want to read more.

  1. Don’t Bombard The With Your Emails Every Day

Well, it’s allowed for some companies to send daily emails to their users, but it’s not good for everyone. Some subscribers will get annoyed and may opt out of your mailing list.

Remember, your subscribers are not there for just you are alone. They also want to hear from your competitors. So, don’t overdo it.

Well, you will become an expert by using these tips, but you will become better than what you were before. Just use them as tips to help you create an engaging email marketing campaign.