Seven Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign More Irresistible

A successful Email Marketing strategy lies in making your communication irresistible to your receivers. You need to redevise your Email Marketing strategy if you have a very high number of people unsubscribing from your list. If your unsubscribe rate has crossed 0.5% you will benefit from reading this.

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1. Never Stop Beefing up Your Mailing List

No matter how huge your list of subscribers list is, cherish an unending craving to make it even bigger. Utilize all avenues, within and outside your company websites and social media platforms to grab more subscribers.

2. Make It Easy to Subscribe

Keep only a limited number of fields for the potential subscribers to fill while signing up. Or else you might end up losing them even before them signing up. Sign up forms can be placed in multiple locations within your site to attract subscribers.

3. The Header Is the King, Use Emojis

You are not the only one to send newsletters to customers. Make the title of content as catchy and as short as possible. The header should not be the same as the subject line of your content for the day. Adding emojis can increase the chance of someone opening and reading your email by 45 percent. A good email newsletter can have up to four emojis on the header alone.

4. Give Subscribers Food for Thought

Rather than simply pitching your Marketing content to them, give take useful information, titbits, and video links. Depending on the type of subscribers in your preferred list, provide statistics and figure that appeal. Use plenty of images and be judicious with the words. At the same time, it is important to be straightforward and be personal in addressing subscribers.

5. Provide Frequency Options

A digest version of the newsletter often makes more sense for subscribers. Everyday email from you might only increase the chance of emails ending up in spam boxes. Some would like to read your emails every week while some might prefer a fortnightly update. Providing frequency options add to the value of your emails. Provide an opportunity for them to snooze updates from you for weeks or months.

6. Make It Easy to Unsubscribe Your Emails

You need to let them go when they want to. Providing them with an ‘unsubscribe’ link close to the subject line. Also provide an easy re-subscribe option, just in case they want to come back. Your reputation goes for a toss when someone moves you to spam instead of unsubscribing. So, use the Google Postmaster tool to download the list of those who have moved you to spam and clean them from your list.

7. Keep Track of Your Email Metrics

Use the right Email Analytic tools to keep a watch on your email metrics. For basics, Google Analytics enables you to help track the number of email opens and click-throughs. Monitor your click-through rate (CTR), unsubscribe rate and spam score daily and identify the content that gives you more response. Attempt to increase subscriber interaction. Similarly, identify and act on the ‘Hard Bounce’ of an email, which normally occurs when the email id becomes defunct. Use an analytics tool that suits you the best.

8. Use AI to Empower Your Email Campaign

AI-powered solutions can optimize a pre-written document, suggest appropriate visuals and can add value to your content. Apart from optimizing headlines, AI can personalize each mail and thus it increases the chance of your mail being opened by at least 25%. Most importantly it can analyze data and find out the best time to shoot emails to your customers.

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Email Marketing Tools That Can Help You

  1. MailChimp
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Sendinblue
  4. GetResponse
  5. Drip
  6. ConvertKit
  7. AWeber
  8. Keap
  9. MailerLite
  10. Litmus
  11. Madmimi

The key to excellence in Email Marketing is experimenting and finding out the tactics that work best for your business. While you are at it, try reading up on the most successful Email Marketing campaigns for inspiration.

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