SEO and Digital Marketing: Know the Basics

With companies going the digital route and focusing on creating the best online presence, we understand why everyone wants to do the same. Do you want to start promoting your company online? Are you not sure what digital marketing means? If that is the case, do not worry. With this guide, we will teach you about all the basics of digital marketing you need to know to create a successful online marketing campaign for your business.


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In short, digital marketing means marketing your services and products through the internet and digital media as the medium. Digital marketing is sort of a term that includes all the possible modern marketing strategies. We are talking about marketing tactics that involve reaching out to your targeted clients or customers through online marketing and social media marketing such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

As you probably have already imagined, this can be quite overwhelming if you are new to this world of online marketing. This is why we have focused on the most important basics of digital marketing to help you understand it better.


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If you are not sure if you want to invest in digital marketing, here are some points that will convince you otherwise.

  • Everyone is using it

Did you know that about 80% of small business owners use social media in their marketing strategy? From freelancers to solo entrepreneurs to companies, almost everyone is using digital marketing to establish their brand presence. This is probably because digital marketing is easy to master. If you do not adapt to these modern times, you risk losing potential customers.

  • Wider reach

Digital marketing will help you catch the attention of potential customers in a lot of different ways. For example, the most effective way today is through Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO.

  • Track your performance

Thanks to all the available analytics tools online, you can follow how your new marketing campaign is doing in real-time. With digital marketing, you can track which aspects of your strategy will need tweaking to improve performance. This gives you huge control over your budget and marketing campaigns.

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If you want a wider reach of customers, you will need search engine optimization. According to a recent study, about 80% of shoppers conduct research online before making a big purchase. When a potential customer is looking for a certain product online, they will most like use Google first. If you want to be found among millions of websites, your website must be optimized for the search engines.

You can do this by using the right keywords in your URL, meta descriptions, heading tags and title tags.

  • Website design

Your website’s structure, design, content, and color will impact the way your customers will perceive your brand. That is why your website must reflect your brand personality and style. The design of your website is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy.