Quick Guide to Explode Ecommerce Sales Using Email Marketing

Starting an online business sounds easy. Innumerable internet articles will tell you that you can get rich using passive income strategies. Building an electronic commerce store is one way to receive passive income strategies that do not have any alternatives.

According to research, Shopify expected Global E-commerce sales will be $ 4.8 Trillion by 2021. Jeff Bezo is influencing people to live on their own terms and launch a site. For e-commerce sales, it’s all about your relationship with old and new customers. Business relationships matter in e-commerce too. Email marketing is a marketing strategy that has huge potential. Approximately 23 percent of sales come from email marketing.

Even the most successful online retailers are unable to utilize email marketing to its full potential. As Hubspot predicted 83 percent of business to business companies use e-newsletters as part of their content marketing program. There are 5.6 billion active email accounts. With this massive number of users, e-commerce stores can imagine how powerful it can be if they focus on email marketing. Let’s explore some ways of using email marketing for generating sales for e-commerce.

Never Send an Immediate Welcoming Email After They Register

Even though this is opposite what many blogs and sites recommend, you shouldn’t send a welcoming email after they have registered right away. In our experience, we believe we should give some space to subscribers and allow them to forget about you. Within 48 hours, send them a series of welcoming emails to remind them about your brand. We as humans have the tendency of forgetting things, and we love getting reminders. Start building a connection with your subscribers and develop relationships slowly.

Do Not Target Multiple People in Single Email

This is true because when you are trying to reach more than one target, you are unable to focus on personalizing the needs of a particular audience. People want to hear about their specific needs and solutions. If you generalized them, you will be unable to show them your expertise in their field. Try to provide a solution to specific problems in the most advanced and personalized way.

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Discounts Can Work Against Your Brand

The majority of people think a discount can help gain new sales and customers. However, this might not be true. Keep in mind certain thoughts before offering a discount to your loyal or new customers. Set your target before you offer a discount. Customers think that if you are offering a discount, you might have an issue with the quality of the product. You also might those who believe they will always get a discount. Be careful which way you go with discount strategies.

Do Not Focus on Promotion Alone

Even though the whole purpose of doing marketing is to increase the number of new customers and keep the old ones satisfied. However, for email marketing do not focus on promotion alone. Try to find give them solutions, talk about their needs, educate them and then promote your product. Focusing on promotion alone will take new customers away.

Ask Customers to Review

This sounds simple, but it doesn’t always happen. It is a powerful way to engage your old customers and allow them to express their experiences with you. However, sometimes this might go against your brand if you are weak on customer service. If your staff members did not handle the customers as you describe on your site, this could create a nightmare for you if your customers share whatever they want. If you are confident that you have an awarding-winning sales team, go with this without thinking about it. And, remember, people buy from those with reviews. Also, it will make your e-commerce site more popular.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Putting things on auto-pilot sounds like a great idea. We can not deny the fact that we have a limited number of hours for doing business every single day. All successful business owners have 24 hours. Success will depend on how you use your time. So adding eCommerce email marketing automation is something will increase your chances of success and save you time so you can try something new and different.

Never Offer Something to for Free

That is right. Most people think they can boost sales if they offer something for free. However, people might expect it. When you giving free this might decrease the real value in the mind of the customers. I am not saying to never give or appreciate your loyal clients or customers. But try to find a way where your loyal customer perception could never go in a direction that may devalue your worth. However, a free trial for a month is usually effective because you take people’s credit card information upfront, and you can begin charging as soon as the month has expired. People forget to cancel free subscriptions.