Instagram Provides Key Tips to Help Marketers Maximize their On-Platform Efforts

With Instagram’s influence on the rise, and more people tuning into the latest trends and happenings through the app, logically, more brands are looking to build an Instagram presence, and market their products and services via Instagram Stories, posts and videos. 

And that can definitely pay off – Instagram says that 80% of its users follow at least one business, while 60% of users regularly discover new products on the platform. Additionally, 75% of users have taken action, like visiting a website, after seeing brand content on Insta.

Couple these stats with the rising popularity of Instagram Stories and its fair to assume that a lot of brands will be looking to up their Instagram game heading into the holiday season, and/or the coming year.

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If that sounds about right for your business, then these tips are for you.

This week, Instagram has published a set of platform pointers and notes to help marketers produce better, more resonant Instagram content, and build a stronger presence. You can read Instagram’s full tips here, here and here – but in this post, we wanted to pull some of the top highlights which will help point you in the right direction for your Instagram content.

First off, Instagram has provided a new set of tips for image composition, which include some simple, yet valuable, notes on maximizing your visual presentation.

Instagram image composition tips

Those will help get you thinking on how to create more stand out, impactful Instagram visuals. 

Meanwhile, Instagram has also provided notes on holiday campaign planning, including this content calendar template for mapping out your campaign approach (you can download the template here). 

Instagram holiday planning calendar

The example above is for a restaurant business, but you can see how the specific mapping – including post type, visual type and caption – can be helpful in providing a cohesive overview of your approach, and can keep your process on track and focused on the objective.

Instagram’s also provided a set of tips on how to sell products on the platform, which includes these pointers for new product launches.

Instagram shopping campaign tips

There’s a range of variables that will impact the effectiveness of each element here, but these are some good pointers, which could help you plan out a better approach in order to build and maximize your Instagram brand presence.

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If you’re looking to make Instagram a bigger focus moving forward, these notes will definitely help – or at the least, they’ll get you thinking on how you can better present your products and services in order to connect with the broader Instagram audience. 

But there’s no magic trick to Instagram success. There’s no special cheat code that will elevate you beyond the pack quickly. As with all social platforms, it takes planning, consistency, and unfortunately, time. These notes will help guide you on the right track.