How to Organize Your Email Marketing On a Budget

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important means of communication with leads and customers. If it wasn’t so profitable, marketers would hardly use it: it not only drives conversions but also increases ROI significantly.

And that’s a small wonder: if you have a set of right tools at your disposal, everything goes far better! Everything you need is an email hunter, an email verifier, a drip campaigns tool, and a Gmail tracker.

But how to organize your email marketing on a budget if you need at least 4 tools? This short guide will lead you through every single detail and prove to you that email marketing can be affordable.

You don’t have to splash on lead generation: just choose a good email finder

There are so many ways of finding the prospects’ emails. Some are time-consuming (who even does manual search these days?), others may be too pricey. But there are ways to save both time and money. For this, you will need a special tool that automates the process, offers multiple search options, and still stays affordable.

These tools let you find emails on websites and social networks in seconds and save them to your lists. They are simple to use, quick, and much cheaper compared to purchased lists. Some of these tools offer freemiums to let you learn how the system works and decide for yourself whether it is worth purchasing. Such tools are rare, but not impossible to find. An email finder is worth giving a try.

Lowest price on the market: $29 per 1000 credits (500 bulk domain searches or 1000 verified emails)

Don’t waste money on bad leads: filter them out with a verifier

After organizing your email list, there’s one more step you need to take – cleaning the list. Whether your list is fresh or established, it needs to be checked: emails get abandoned, blocked and mistyped all the time. Verification doesn’t cost much but makes the world of difference in the end.

With an email verifier, you will reduce the bounce rate, save money and the sender’s reputation. There are dozens of email verifiers on the market, though you still need the best and the most affordable one.

Lowest price on the market: $29 per 2000 verification’s

Make sure your email gets read

Seems, copyrighting is the most challenging task. Though, you are a professional and know for sure how to write the best email copy, don’t you? Anyway, I’ve decided to concentrate a bit on the key elements of a good email copy.


Don’t miss a thing

Every detail matters. When you miss something out, your message stops looking like a perfect professional solution. Check that you’ve filled the following fields: preheader, the sender’s name, the subject line, etc.

  • Check it and get sure the preheader is relevant and doesn’t look like something “Click here to view the email in the browser” (if the email is opened on the mobile). It should reflect the content of the email.
  • Make the sender’s name be associated with your company.
  • Make the subject line short and to the point, use adequate formatting and avoid spam trigger words, don’t use CAPS, exclamation marks, #hashtags, and strings of punctuation, personalize the subject line properly and use it only in case you are sure the personalization variables will be replaced with names.

Avoid being a spammer

This point includes two parameters: the ESP’s spam filters and the person’s perception. Let’s have a look at them separately.

The ESP filters activate and block your messages when they look suspicious, aka spammy. To avoid the ESP’s filters:

  • Do not use dynamic IPs and always check the IP reputation.
  • Verify the emails on your lists regularly and follow the campaigns’ stats and the bounce rate.
  • Be patient with HTML emails and spam trigger words.
  • Do not attach too many heavy files and do not track links when this is not vital.

The human factor is what influences the spam complaint rate. If people see a non-proper email, they simply delete it or report spam. Here’s what you can do to avoid this:

  • Get the people’s consent to get emails from you and learn when they want to receive emails.
  • Use the correct preheader, the appropriate subject line, and the real sender’s name.
  • Don’t use too many colors and fonts, two is the best option: one for the background text and one color for the CTA button.
  • Admit if you send a promotional email and allow recipients to unsubscribe.

Don’t buy or use free email templates

What can be worse than email templates? They’ve been already used by thousands of email marketers all over the world and spam filters cannot ignore such emails. Still eager for using them? Or do you think you have no choice?

Where there is a will, there is a way. Avoid using email templates, they will hardly do any good for you. Create your own templates and this is just the thing that will save you. Engage your imagination and create a set of unique samples to be used by you and your team only.

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Be short and to the point

Who will read a novel in their emails? People have no time on this, they prefer something they can quickly skim through and grasp the general idea. So keep the messages short (up to 250-300 words). This volume is quite enough to cover the main advantages and benefits of choosing your products and services. Also avoid writing long intros and introducing yourself, cut to the chase at once.

Stay professional

Yep, first of all, you need to get into confidence and become friends with leads. But if you overdo, you will miss a lead. And even leads. Not that promising, right? Which is why stay professional: use not only professional language but also the words that are relevant and meaningful to your leads.

And the second point is the email signature. Choose a tool, design an email signature to be used in your campaigns, and that’s all. It won’t take you much time, believe me. But when people see an email signature, they become more favorable to you. Why? Because it shows your professionalism. And if you add a few links to your real social network profiles, they will see a real person in you. A real professional. Nice combination, isn’t it?

Always personalize

Who doesn’t like feeling special? Addressing prospects by their names, as well as referring to their work/achievements/company, makes them feel important and appreciated. Personalizing your offer will lead to a better reply and conversion rate. This is a proven fact, by the way – prospects are more likely to respond to emails personally created for them. So collect as much available data as you can and use it to create better offers with better emails.

Source: Dynamic Yield

Remember about the CTA

What is the aim of your email? The recipient to follow a link? Watch a video? Download a freebie? Sign up? First of all, define the goal you are aimed at. Secondly, add it to your emails in the form of a well-recognizable CTA button. Here’s a short check-list for you to follow when designing the CTA:

  • Include only one CTA to not distract the readers’ attention.
  • Use bright colors to make the CTA stand out in the background.
  • Keep the CTA short and use large fonts to make the CTA readable.
  • Address the recipient by using the pronoun your.​
  • Add the word now to create a sense of urgency.

Don’t waste time on manual sending: automate your campaigns and follow-ups

Take advantage of the technological progress and delegate your email sending to an email drip campaigns tool. You can entrust this tool with major campaign sending, cold campaigns, post-conference follow-ups, and so much more.

Depending on their actions, your recipients will then receive a specific follow-up designed to push them to a conversion. Set up campaigns once and they will take care of your emails for weeks. And yes, these drip campaigns tools come with a detailed statistics feature.

What is even more vital: learn your niche and define the best time to send emails for your particular business. Once the day and time are defined, schedule your campaigns.

Lowest price on the market: $29 per 1000 recipients

Analyze your results and optimize: use an email tracker right in your Gmail

Have you ever sent an important email only to spend days afterward in agonizing anxiety because you did not receive a reply? Did they even open it? Are they just considering your offer? Did your email get lost? Of course, you’ve been there, we all have.

Thankfully, what would have been a mystery a few years ago can now be controlled with the help of free Chrome extensions. Install an email tracker extension with no labels or signatures and find out exactly what happened to your emails and when. Have your prospects opened your email 7 times but you still received no reply? Now’s the perfect time to follow-up and finally convert them.

Tracker integrates into your Gmail interface allowing you to see the sent email status directly from the Inbox. Want to receive a reminder if your email got no reply? It can do that. Want to send your email at a specific time? It’s got scheduling too. What would we do without Chrome extensions?

Lowest price on the market: Free


What’s your solution?

Whether you’re a startup CEO or the CMO of a huge corporation, you always need to find new ways to save money and time and boost sales. Using all the wonderful efficiency growth tools that seem to be appearing each day is the best and fastest way to save up and grow.

Always analyze the market to learn and know more and what is even more important to choose the best tools. All in all, how to save money when doing email marketing? Easily. Simply choose all-in-one platforms that provide all the instruments necessary for email marketing. If you do it right, you will find platforms that offer all the mentioned tools under one roof at the lowest price, for example, $29.