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Email marketing is one of the best lead-generating channels every marketer needs to know how to take advantage of. Building an efficient email campaign requires effort and long-term commitment, but the good news is some work can be automated and still promote customer engagement and deliver results.

As suggested by the name, email marketing automation aims to send emails to your customers automatically based on triggers you determine. Every action your prospect or customer does or does not do defines their behavior and eventually determine the rules according to which you can send them a special personalized email.

Welcome emails, birthday greetings, cart abandonment emails, automated blog updates, review requests are only a few examples from a much bigger arsenal of automated emails. However, you are not limited to particular trigger workflows and templates. Get creative instead and make sure your triggered emails stand out against a bunch of other messages overloading your recipients’ inbox.

Though there is no single recipe guaranteed to work for every email campaign, adopting the following advice will help you get a better handle of your marketing automation service and increase the conversion rates.

Make Subscription Confirmation Emails Responsive

Customers receive automated subscription confirmation emails as assurance they have completed the sign-up procedure right and now will receive your campaigns. Apart from launching a good start of the relationship between you and your subscribers, such emails work as a double opt-in feature that ensures the subscription was made from a real email address.

Most confirmation emails are made up of a standard message ‘You’ve been subscribed’ or “Thanks for your subscription.” However, with a little creativeness, you may come up with a way to keep the conversation going and encourage customers to explore your website a bit more. Guide them to the potential next steps by adding ‘Back to Site’ or ‘Continue Shopping’ buttons or inviting them to take a look at your loyalty program or exclusive deals.

A first-purchase promo code, coupon or discount offer are as good tools to generate clicks. Adding ‘Tell Your Friends’ button and inviting people to refer friends and family may also result in further engagement. Simple and not too volume, confirmation emails do not have to be boring.

Employ Web Push Notifications

Only 25% of people putting a product in a cart complete the cycle and make an order. Many companies use reminding emails in their cart abandonment campaigns to turn likely buyers into customers, but you can go beyond the game and take advantage of web push automation. Teamed up with email reminders, web push notifications can significantly improve the above percentage and increase click rates.

Web push notifications are an opt-in-based tool, meaning subscribers should give their permission to receive them. Once the permission has been granted, recipients can get web push notifications regardless of whether they are browsing your website or not. A simple phrase “Summer is coming. Don’t forget to book a hotel for your upcoming sea voyage” can make a customer revise their abandoned cart and complete the booking.

The most successful cart abandonment campaigns take more than one message. To pump up email conversion rates, set up a series of reminders, mixing the web push notifications and several cart abandonment emails. You can send them one after another or simultaneously, choose the time interval between them and design different templates.

A series of a consecutive cart abandonment email, web push notification, promotional follow-up email, and promo code email has more chances to guide the recipients to the purchase than a single triggered email.

Upgrade Cart Abandonment Email Design

A properly designed triggered email is a good claim on the attention of your recipients. It is even more so when its design stands out against other ordinary messages in their inbox. To make sure the customer’s experience is not over after they abandon their cart, upgrade a cart abandonment email with a CTA offering the alternative ways to continue their journey. Instead of just enlisting the unpaid products, consider adding the following elements into an email footer:

  • Introduce new products similar to those in their shopping list.
  • Present personalized recommendations or expert advice based on their purchase history.
  • Notify about your special offers.
  • Inform on a new shop or discount center if they are situated within 20-30 miles of a customer’s location.

Generate Instant Publicity!

A cart abandonment email is a friendly reminder rather than an aggressive promotional email, but you still may add there a bit of informational content. Your task is to give your recommendations as your way to care about your clients’ convenience and provide them with the best service.

Create Effective Re-Engagement Emails

Re-engagement email campaigns are a vital part of mass email service. They aim to target inactive subscribers and invite them back into communication. To do this, modern marketing strategies employ more gentle approaches than just cliched phrases like ‘It’s been a while.’ To win back the interest of your customers by a re-engagement email, get a handle on the following techniques:

  • Introduce improvements since the last subscriber action on the site.
  • Offer bonuses and gifts.
  • Add an “Update Now” CTA button.
  • Present a short digest featuring everything that might have escaped an inactive subscriber’s attention.
  • Offer small presents for special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Use visual cue, emotional appeal, and humor in the email design.

Every company faces subscribers inactivity, but it does not mean inactive users are lost forever. Make the phrase “No subscriber left behind” a motto for your re-engagement email campaign and act correspondingly.

Triggered emails are the bread and butter that will feed your business. However, there is no single strategy that will work for everyone, so you must try and test different approaches. Analyze how they work for your particular campaign and feel free to ask your customers for a review or improvement recommendations. Constant enhancement makes perfect. 

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