How to Boost your Email Marketing Conversion Rate – Customer Think

One of the struggles business owners face is converting email subscribers into customers. A stunning 61 percent of bloggers use email marketing as a way to promote their content. However, many eCommerce businesses need email marketing if they want to maintain a strong relationship with their customers.

After you convince someone to subscribe to your email list, you must continue to engage with them if you want them to become customers. We are going to look at several ways you can create and promote your email marketing campaign, as well as tips on how you can increase your conversion rate.

Let’s dive in!

Build Rapport with a Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns are an excellent way to entice customers to engage with your brand and open up your emails. In essence, a drip campaign is a series of emails that tell a story and transmit valuable information to the subscriber.

Start your campaign by sending out a welcome email to new subscribers to let them know that you received their request and look forward to talking to them in the future. Next, set expectations for consumers so they can anticipate the next couple of emails.

The next phase of your drip campaign should involve you sending out between three and five emails over a couple of weeks. In these emails, you should share your most useful content and anecdotes that your audience will find relatable.

Finally, create an email with a strong call-to-action (CTA.) Your CTA should be the pivotal factor that determines whether your campaign is successful. There are plenty of different CTAs, including:

  • Following on social media
  • Buying a product or service
  • Opting in for a special offer or promotion

Your goal is to build a connection with consumers so they will continue visiting your website, thus improving your conversion rate.

Segment Your Leads

Another great way to improve your conversion rate is by segmenting your lead lists. Business owners inject personalization into their email market campaigns for greater chances of converting leads into customers. Different lists allow you to fine-tune your message to specific groups of people, making the interaction feel more personal.

For example, online pet stores will likely divide their email lead lists based on the type of pet the lead owns. They would want to send consumers who own dogs discounts and blog posts about their canine friends. Similarly, it only makes sense to send consumers with cats an article titled “7 Best Ways to Know Your Cat is Happy.”

Segmenting your lead lists in different groups based on subcategories within your niche can result in increased conversions. When consumers get emails that are personalized based on their interests, they are far more likely to respond when you ask them to check out your latest product or piece of content.

Use Gamification

Gamification can help keep consumers engaged with your brand, improve your social media following, and improve your email marketing conversion rate. People are naturally drawn to events where they can win something for free. Consumers consider small actions like entering in their email address or sharing one of your social media posts, well worth registering for a chance to win.

There are various contest prizes you can use and several ways to incorporate games in your campaign. Here’s a useful format you can use to get the most from your contests:

  • 1 Grand Prize – One year of service/ Product line
  • 2-10 Runner ups – Give these consumers a month of service or a product, plus a coupon for their next purchase.
  • Everyone else – send everyone else a personalized thank you for entering the contest and a discount code off their next purchase.

Sending everyone a code for a discount on your next purchase will help improve your conversion rate and improve your sales drastically. When a lead is on the fence about buying something from your website, a discount code could prove useful at converting them into a customer.


Email marketing is an effective way to build rapport and engage with consumers. Boosting your conversion rate requires you to get a feel for the type of content your audience wants to see and segmenting your lead lists accordingly. As you bring customers down your sales funnel, you’ll have various opportunities to gain their trust and loyalty. Most importantly, you’ll show them why your business is worth their time and money.