Email marketing isn’t dead. But how you use it might be

Every time industry pundits from across verticals proclaim that the inbox is on the outs, research says otherwise. That’s because email marketers do what any business, channel, or even lifeform must do to survive: they evolve.

Far from dying on the vine, email is hotter than ever, with roughly 281 billion emails sent and received each day in 2018. Email sees a 66% lead conversion rate, is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring new customers, and is considered the preferred method of communication by 61% of American consumers.

So don’t kill off your email marketing simply because it hasn’t produced the results you want in the past. Instead, breathe new life into the tactic that still delivers the highest potential ROI. Here’s how.

Don’t ask. Nurture.

In email marketing, there is no such thing as “one and done.” Campaigns should be crafted and considered as a whole, building on a conversation and inviting engagement with a variety of topics.

This is known as nurturing with a drip campaign, which applies to both new leads and existing relationships — but not in the same way. Stay top of mind with people you have done business with. Showcase your expertise and value to prospective clients.

Use personalization (but not how you think)

You can be personal by dropping off fresh fruit or a bottle of wine to your client. But to personalize your email marketing, you need data.

Start with the obvious data points: name, email, address. But then go deeper. What food do they like? Do they have pets? Are they travelers? Movie buffs? Getting this information can be easy, but leveraging it is the challenge.

With ActivePipe, you can personally curate the content of your emails so that no two emails or campaigns are the same. You can drag-and-drop blogs, images, and videos to generate bespoke emails that create a personalized experience every time.

Continually update profiles

Once you collect the data points for personalization, do not consider the job complete. We all grow and change, and the contacts in your database will as well. In fact, how they change and interact with your email provides valuable signals that can inform changes in their life — and readiness to buy or sell.

With ActivePipe, you can tag and re-tag clients based on their behaviors and needs. You can continue to tailor their content and journey. This means that they are getting the right information, based entirely on their genuine needs.

When you empower your email marketing with genuine automation, you achieve intuitive, thoughtful, and targeted communications. Technology and automation increase the probability and efficacy of the human touch.

ActivePipe email marketing is built specifically for real estate professionals. We help them streamline their day-to-day business by integrating with their prospect data (CRM or .csv) and effortlessly incorporating property and contact data into their campaigns. By using AI driven analytics, this new breed of software lets realtors identify people at the consideration stage and act before any of their competition.