Avoid These Pitfalls When Email Marketing

Email has become one of the most preferred communication channels for modern-day consumers. This is largely due to its effectiveness and versatility in driving genuine engagement between a brand and their customers.

But, there are a few mistakes commonly made that can be either extremely detrimental to your brand or simply lessen the impact you’re able to have.

Here are some things you should avoid to get the most out of your email marketing:

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Do not buy lists of data from third-party providers. It is imperative that before you begin email marketing, you have your own list of prospects that you or your team has collected. Buying lists can have your domain blacklisted from email service providers, barring you and your brand from being able to send emails. If you do manage to not get blacklisted, the likelihood that you actually send to anybody that’s interested in your properties is very slim. Knowing who you’re sending to is best practice.

Ensure your subject lines are on-point. Avoid spam filters by not using exclamation points, capital letters and text colored red. Words or phrases such as “limited time,” “special offer,” “free,” “today only,” “cheap” or “guaranteed” will also reduce the amount of people who actually see your emails. Concentrate on writing impactful subject lines that show the value of what’s inside without a hard sell. Try using relevant emojis to increase noticeability…but don’t go overboard.

Don’t send off-brand or unprofessional emails. Consistency in presentation is the first step in creating brand resonance and maintaining an attractive perception in the mind of prospects, and even other agents or brokers. The power of ActivePipe is that we ensure your brand image is upheld through brand themes at a brokerage level, as well as templates pre-built to assist brokers and agents in creating well-designed emails.

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Always track your engagement. Don’t send and forget to check the reporting! Taking the time to understand your campaign analytics is key to continually improving and optimizing your email marketing strategy. However, not all stats are created equal, and in real estate, broad open and click rates don’t provide much value. Having an email tool that directly generates value, providing deeper insights at both a prospect and property level, gives agents and brokers a whole new perspective on their sphere, as well as an enhanced ability to communicate. More relevant conversations that are driven by data will always lead to more transactions.

ActivePipe allows you to send one-off email campaigns or build automated drip campaigns that are dynamic, automatically tailoring the content to fit the specific needs of each prospective customer. With prospect and property insights unlike any other platform, agents and brokers will always know who they should connect with next to ensure they never miss an opportunity.

Mike Feller is chief revenue officer at ActivePipe. For more information, please visit activepipe.com.

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