Are You Using Email Marketing Properly? | –

In 2018, NAR found that approximately 93 percent of REALTORS® use email as the primary source of communication with their sphere.

But is it being used to its potential?

  • Is it being used to discover that a contact is considering listing their property?
  • Is it being used to freshen and clean sphere data?
  • Is it being used to discover what type of property a contact is interested in?
  • Is it being used to trigger drip campaigns based on a contact’s interests?
  • Is it being used to nurture relationships through personalized content unique to each individual?

It’s important to understand that emails aren’t simply a communication tool, but are also an extremely powerful nurture, discovery and data harvesting tool…if utilized correctly.

Birthday emails are so yesterday! They add no value to you or your contact and only end up lost at the bottom of the inbox, never to be seen again. Consumers these days expect meaningful, relevant and personalized content. This means that the days of sending out a generalized communication and expecting an outstanding result are over.

The most successful agents of today rely on data to give them an edge in the market. It’s a relatively new concept for many, but to those in the know, it’s a no-brainer. How these savvy agents source and use this data might surprise you, as the answer lies in the emails that they are already sending.

The truth is that when used in a modern and dynamic manner, email provides a fountain of data and behavioral intent that unveils the hidden opportunities in your sphere.

Research undertaken by Salesforce found that a staggering 76 percent of consumers expect brands to understand their needs, whilst 59 percent believe that tailored content based on past interactions greatly increases the chance of you winning their business.

The good news is that specialist real estate platforms that automate these emails and drip campaigns for agents already exist. They harvest the data at both property and contact level (rather than just campaign level), personalizing communications along the journey. The best of these platforms use this data to prioritize an agent’s day—who they should call and why (based on data and behavioral intent, rather than a date-based event).

Used correctly, these platforms will help ensure that an agent never misses an opportunity again.

Mike Feller is chief revenue officer at ActivePipe. For more information, please visit