2 Email Marketing Hacks to Get Your Resend Campaigns Opened

Creating Successful Email Marketing Resend Campaigns

Recently, I laid out core principles on who to send a resend email marketing campaign. Nonetheless, one of the biggest questions of the resend campaign went unnoticed. Of course, I am talking about how and when to resend an email marketing campaign.

If you didn’t read the article on who to resend a campaign you should probably go back and review it, just to make sure there are no faux pas emails being sent on your watch.

The Subject Line is Everything

Now, the first thing you need in a resend campaign is an alternative subject line.

And while you go about changing it, think about shifting gears or a 180-degree turn from your original subject line. In a recent article explaining subject line for email marketing best practices, this author wrote 5 tips on how to write the best subject lines, and one of the ideas was called, “The Total Disconnect.”

In email marking, logically your subject line should describe what the email is all about. For example, if you’re selling widgets and have a 50% off sale, you’d think that stating the obvious (e.g., 50% off sale!) would give you the best mileage, but try dabbling around with subject lines that make a case to open the email (e.g., Why THIS email is different than all the rest).

The reason being is that you need to make a compelling case for your customer to open the email, and if 50% off was not good in the morning, try something else a little later. Another thing you should consider tweaking is the call to action in the email. Was it strong enough? Did you get enough click-throughs from your open rates? The last question really addresses how effective your email campaign was from an engagement perspective.

Timing is Everything

Another thing that has to be evaluated is the timing. You can wait less than 24 hours if you send a morning email. This could be a great approach, especially if your company is running a one-day flash sale or if you have a weekend email – remember don’t resend a “hope you’re having a great weekend” email on Monday morning!

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However, a general rule of thumb is to wait one day or even 30-36 hours after the initial email. There a couple of reasons for this. First, after 24 hours you can say that you really did give your subscribers enough time to open it.

Now, you could do 24 hours, but trying 30-36 hours, throws things off ever so slightly, and if your initial campaign was sent at the wrong hour, maybe the resend will drive an open or conversion. That’s why I prefer 30-36 hours.

Another good reason to switch up the time of delivery is that if your email is about driving sales – you might want to send this to openers, who saw the initial email, but just were not in the right timeframe to make a purchase. Therefore, sending it at a different hour of the day can be a very effective method.