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The average email open rate for all industries in the United States equals 18%. And the average click-through rates on emails amounts to 2.69.% But the average click-to-open rate stands at 14.10%.

The percentages appeared in the findings of Campaign Monitor’s latest research on Email Marketing Benchmarks by industries.

Campaign Monitor specializes in helping businesses gain loyal customers through personalized email campaigns. The company analyzed millions of email campaigns to compile the final report.

2019 Email Marketing Statistics

The research demonstrates the importance of email marketing for small business owners. And shows why it deserves attention. Email helps small businesses attract new customers and remain competitive.

And the research also explored the industries with the biggest successes in email marketing.

The sectors with the highest open rates include non-profits, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting and government.

Meanwhile, industries like media, entertainment and publishing enjoy some of the highest kick through rates. Average click through rate for these industries comes to 3.02%.

What Days Do Emails Offer the Highest Impact

The analysis also explored the specific days email recipients might likely open emails. Highest open rates fall on Thursdays and average 18.6%.

But Wednesday comes in second for email open rates, with an average of 18.3% of messages being read. Sunday fairs worst for email open rates, with an average 17.1% across all industries.

The data looks at other key email marketing related metrics across the days of the week.

In summary, the research found that the best day for email email open rates is a Thursday.  The best day for highest click-through rates is Tuesday. The best day for lowest unsubscribe rates is Sunday or Monday. And the best day for the highest click-to-open rates in Saturday and the best day for lowest bounce rates is Monday.

Suggestions to Improve Email Success

To help small businesses improve email open rates and the success of their email marketing efforts, Campaign Monitor recommends improving email subject lines, testing subject line length, tone and content, optimizing for previews with preheader text and ensuring relevant content is sent to recipients through personalization and segmentation.
Campaign Monitor also notes the importance of using benchmarking for improving email marketing.

“Benchmarks are useful to see how your own email program compares to industry standards. They can help establish a baseline for figuring out how and where you can improve. But we also recommend using your own past results as the benchmark. It’s one of the easiest ways to determine what success looks like for your brand,” writes Campaign Monitor in a summary of its latest Email Benchmarking Report.

Email Marketing Statistics for Click Through

The analysis also explores email click-through rates, which is the number of subscribers who click on a link or image in the email regardless of whether the recipient opened the campaign. And research found that the industries with the highest click-to-open rates are agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, media, entertainment and publishing and real estate, design and construction,

To improve the click-through rates of your email marketing campaigns, Campaign Monitor recommends small businesses create stronger segments. So you always send the most relevant content. But also maintain your brand voice throughout your messaging. And improving your call-to-actions through clear copy and better design.

The overall message of the report involves the importance of email marketing. And it examines the importance of benchmarking for more success. But sending the right content out to the right people also remains critical.

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